Just the average bear..

People don’t like to read about the average. Because readers usually have average lives themselves. So when they do read, they need spectacular and uncommon, to escape their own mid-level living. That is why there are billions of blogs and yet so few that are famous, constantly sought and read through. Nobody likes reading about the next-door guy or lady, simply because it is too close to their own reality.

We relate to the stories and articles that talk about the familiar, the usual, the general problems or the daily adventures of the modern life. But we like, love and dream about the stories that have nothing in common with our own personal (hi)story. I believe that is why, when asked, a blogger (the average blogger) shall say that they mainly write for themselves (as a means of…. ~ the explanation continues with a couple of arguments and details), not for an audience. They are too lazy to scribble in a paper-back diary, so they use the all-encompassing Internet archives and resources. Or something like that.

I shall be frank and confess: I manage this page because I occasionally feel that among the gravel of the human hourglass I come across small diamonds, emeralds and sunshine chips that I need to talk about so that others may hear of the miracles that taking each day as it comes entails.

Abstract fume pattern on white

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