Effects of Natsuo Kirino’s Goddess Chronicle

How do you go about your day after you write a story such as The Goddess Chronicle? What did Natsuo Kirino do after she wrote the last full stop of the novel? How do you go about your life while you are working on such a literary gem? What thoughts lull a writer to sleep the whole while of rethinking mythological beginnings?

How do you go about your day when you finish reading such a story? I for one made myself a strong cup of coffee and mixed it with a large quantity of chocolate syrup. I suppose I simply needed a shot of sweetness after the non-comforting meditation on human destinies. Did Natsuo Kirino also have to vacuum clean the house after her manuscript was over, just like I did today after the book reading was done? What kind of dwelling did she use while searching for the right words to describe the islands, the gods, the intensity of despair, the depth of the darkness? What dreams did she dream the whole time she was creating the spinning yin-yang life cycle of the characters in the book?

Did she loom about the sea, the coral, the shores, among the crouching sunburnt women gathering weeds and snakes while shaping her stories? Did the stories form in her mind like small, individual tornadoes, joining one after the other as in a ravaging-tempest-film?

How do I go about choosing the next book to read after just finishing such a strongly lingering one? Do I wait for an omen? Do I chant a prayer? Do I write a Thank-you note to the author for delivering such a wonderful narrative? Do I wait 29 days before doing anything else?



To see and to be seen

Out of my solitude came my social disposition.

Out of my darkness arose the laughter of the others.

Out of my despair were beautiful poems formed.

Out of my story they picked the details to make a picture.

The picture followed me like an undesired shadow.

The farther I pushed it back, the more rigid it became.

I made so much light around me that no shadows could be shaped.

I now live inside a sun, black and hollow in its core.