./. (Split Reunion)

A single week that contains the last days of this month as well as the first days of the following month. A single moment that contains the lingering second of yesterday and the boisterous second of tomorrow. A single blink that contains all the dejection of the self and the overwhelming earnestness of the child playing on the floor. An all-encompassing conglomerate of feelings and thoughts that paralyse the being – one heartbeat.


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Don’t die on my watch. Fear of death – I’ve witnessed too many.

If you die tomorrow let me die today.

Corpses don’t feel, do they? I will no longer be able to feel the pain of your non-being. It is safe; I die (first) and I am saved from the grief of seeing you not there. Knowing you will one day die is bearable. Living the day you have died is not.

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What is there to celebrate? The time that has passed? The future that we hope is to come? The desires accomplished, the plans fulfilled? The dreams projected? The compliments you’ve been paid? The difference you’ve been told you make? The attention received since dusk?

I usually celebrate the fact that I am still here. Granted yet more time, never knowing how much or whether I am going to make any proper use of it. And that there is always someone to make a special wish, even if the person changes from year to year.



Just the average bear..

People don’t like to read about the average. Because readers usually have average lives themselves. So when they do read, they need spectacular and uncommon, to escape their own mid-level living. That is why there are billions of blogs and yet so few that are famous, constantly sought and read through. Nobody likes reading about the next-door guy or lady, simply because it is too close to their own reality.

We relate to the stories and articles that talk about the familiar, the usual, the general problems or the daily adventures of the modern life. But we like, love and dream about the stories that have nothing in common with our own personal (hi)story. I believe that is why, when asked, a blogger (the average blogger) shall say that they mainly write for themselves (as a means of…. ~ the explanation continues with a couple of arguments and details), not for an audience. They are too lazy to scribble in a paper-back diary, so they use the all-encompassing Internet archives and resources. Or something like that.

I shall be frank and confess: I manage this page because I occasionally feel that among the gravel of the human hourglass I come across small diamonds, emeralds and sunshine chips that I need to talk about so that others may hear of the miracles that taking each day as it comes entails.

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A brave heart is all you need

Jerry Fletcher: I love you.

Alice: Jerry, no, no, you don’t love me.

Jerry Fletcher: Sure I do.

Alice: No, no.

Jerry Fletcher: I don’t?

[ Conspiracy Theory ]

Sometimes, when enough people tell you something about yourself, you start wondering if it’s only you who’s got it all wrong. There’s a Romanian saying that goes ‘When two people tell you that you’re drunk, you shut up and go to sleep.’. Perhaps the same thing applies to other situation as well, right? When too many people tell you that you’re wrong, that you fail to see things the way they really are, where do you go from there?!

When you are told to apologise for a mistake you consider never to have made, when you are silenced by the over-ranking ones and told you must submit, what do you do? Bend your head and mutter to yourself that there will come a day when…….. I believe in standing up for yourself and for the truth. I’ve made no mistake. I’ve stuck to the rules. I’ve been fair. If someone says otherwise, than let’s talk evidence. People will lower their voices and find themselves at a loss when faced with ferm refusal. People in a higher position always expect submission. They are usually astonished when talked back or debated. As long as powerful, logical and testable arguments are brought, I belive in making your point and standing by your beliefs.

I hereby urge and encourage employees who find it difficult to stand up to their superiors to empower themselves by trusting their judgments, instincts and their credos. It’s not the truth that shall set you free. It’s respect for yourself that helps you look chin-up in the mirror. It’s a proper stance that keeps you rock-solid and dignified.


Thoughts on friendship and acceptance

I couldn’t give a frack about Halloween.

It’s not one of my holidays, it’s never on my special days list.

This year however, I started thinking of a friend who lives abroad. For years now. We rarely speak now and she seldom has time to write back. Her messages are usually short and simply a paraphrase of `still alive but very busy`. I dislike the popularity that Halloween has achieved in Romania. As I was thinking of my friend however, I realised I’d have nothing against her celebrating this holiday over there where she transferred her entire life. I also realised I might enjoy going out in a costume myself if we were both together at a party overseas. I realised I just reject Romanian Halloween in Romania.

As my son received a unique gift when my friend was last at home, I decided to honour it today as it rightfully deserves, for it was brought with the most sincere cheerfulness and playfulness and I want to make sure she knows it was welcomed with the joy and bright heart she’d hoped.

Here’s to you, my friend, a Halloween setting for a costumed Winnie-the-Pooh who travelled many miles and currently resides in Șelimbăr, Romania: