./. (Split Reunion)

A single week that contains the last days of this month as well as the first days of the following month. A single moment that contains the lingering second of yesterday and the boisterous second of tomorrow. A single blink that contains all the dejection of the self and the overwhelming earnestness of the child playing on the floor. An all-encompassing conglomerate of feelings and thoughts that paralyse the being – one heartbeat.


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Disappointing things in life…

  • When you leave a café thinking “The coffee I make at home is better”.
  • When your child wants a cheap ugly toy ‘made-in-China’ and you give in, buy the damn thing and once unwrapped, you discover there is a piece missing, rendering the contraption unusable.
  • When you run into the house to get some bread and meat and the stray dog you wanted to feed has suddenly vanished from the street.

Men and Women with children

We are a classic three-member family.

As in all classic families, our son leaves his toys scattered around the house, especially on the carped in the living-room.

At night, when he is asleep, we invariably step over one of his tiny cars, Lego parts, plastic animals, cartoon minifigures, trains or books. It’s the moment when a muttered or a well-articulated swearword can be heard across the room.

The difference between men and women becomes obvious, though, if one were to analyse the reaction after the cursing.

The mother: Shit. I broke the mirror on this little green car. Maybe I can fix it with some Super Glue. It should be dry and functional by morning.

The father: God damn this freaking pink pig! Stung my foot three times already. Figures it finally broke in two! Serves you right!!

..and as he is about to pass by the named victim, a female voice jumps in:

“You could at least pick it up and throw it away! It became a hazard now for our kid.”

I’m not saying that this is what happens in all families, but I’d bet more than a buck that it does happen in 90% of them !!

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Feeling Mix

It’s impossible not to love, be charmed and annoyed at the same time by the grandparents of the child you raise when they show up just to bring you two bags of special corn flips, as they discovered the day before that the child didn’t want to eat the ones he had at home. You are charmed because they manage to remember such details, you love them deeply because they love your child so much as to trouble themselves over a trifle and you are annoyed that they are much too ready to satisfy every single whim of the spoiled little man.


Dream adaptations

I’ve dreamt about getting ready for a party and putting on my white leather watch. I woke up wondering whether I should look for my watch and wear it today. Not because I’m going to a party, not out of superstition but for the fun of it.

I looked for my watch while my husband was making an omelette and my son was going into and coming out of his brand-new Cozy Coupe. I smiled looking at it in astonishment. Whatever it was that came over me to make this silly choice, is beyond my power of comprehension. It seemed funny and not out of place, in a strange way. Pajamas and an elegant watch. They go together perfectly, right?

It was maybe a magic trick though. After having breakfast – which I almost never have – and chatting about some friends, some new changes we want to make around the house before the holidays… My husband turned on the radio, selected a station and asked me to dance. We danced and the child came to hug us, we laughed and jumped and danced some more, even though it was not our kind of music. We smiled and felt that it was a great Sunday morning, dancing in the room, around the car, in between toys and silent mobile phones.

Maybe all it takes to make things spring out of the ordinary is to wake up in a mood for anything, for everything.



You become a mother. Suddenly, all the concepts you were used to, develop different definitions.

What does it mean to dress up for a party?

To manage to leave the house without stains on your improperly ironed clothes.

What does it mean to do your hair?

To have succeeded in washing and combing your hair both during the same day.

What does it mean to go out for coffee?

To carry a periphernalia of toys and objects that you hope will keep the youngster busy long enough for you to order and pay for your coffee. Actually drinking it is never a certainty.

What does it mean to watch a news bulletin on TV?

To crouch on the carpet, set a car track set, play with plastic animal cars and listen in on the news when the kid manages to keep silent or not tug at your sleeve for 30 seconds. Actually glancing at the screen is never feasible.

What does it mean to have time for yourself?

To have an hour a day during luch nap when yoy cook, wash dishes, fill the washing machine, answer the calls missed during the morning, gather the food crumbs from around the house, clean the tables and the wipe color marks off furniture and floors, bite a couple of times from a sandwich you prepared out of your kid’s leftovers and get in the mood for another 6-7 more hours of fun and play.

What does it mean to celebrate your birthday?

To feel guilty for leaving your child at home with his parents and go enjoy a dinner date with your husband in a quiet restaurant in between phone calls giving instructions about how much coughing syrup to administer before bedtime or where the hidden chocolate bars are placed in the pantry.