How to make your hubby proud

You scour a couple of online stores. You select the items you love. A few clothes, some necklaces, a leather bag, a cute backpack, some trifles for the house, a couple of play things for the kid and even a little something for the spouse who is growing more and more tense on the couch, zapping away at the remote, becoming sensibly listless as the Internet browser tabs add up. You put everything in shopping carts – you couldn’t find everything in a sole shop, especially the lil’ somethin’ for the husband, which is from a web store entirely of its own – and then you glance smugly towards the high-blood-pressure significant other: 

“Come have a look. I would have liked to order all these, but out of balanced reason and a compulsory desire to save up, I’m not going to buy anything. See how much I just squirreled away to our credit cards?!”

“Good girl.”, comes a modest compliment whiffed in a sigh. The little throbbing in his neck gradually subdues and he seems relaxed and back to normal once the Cancel order button is clicked on all pages.

You, however, are now entitled to go a bit nuts over his non-appreciativeness of your economical nature and primal interest for the welfare of the family.

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