Depths of Disappointment

When bland, pure, indomitable disappointment strikes your every senses you do not need to go to any far recesses of your consciousness to realize how utterly paralyzing it grasps all of your being and leaves you depleted.

Effects of dismay, incoherence and failure to understand what is happening expand grotesquely when the source of your dejection is a loved person too close to allow for brain and soul to brush off and forgive.

What dispirits and fazes me is the enlightenment that a particular individual (flesh and bones, hairs on nose) holds such stupefying power over me! A single sentence uttered amiss our conversational field or the guilty silence as reply to a poignant question.. Truly terrifying a discovery.

Once you’ve delved into the marshy mud of disappointment it becomes increasingly more difficult to pull yourself out of the suffering and stranded pain, as the bleakness of the shock keeps hammering back, like the dark waves of an enraged, soundless sea lacerating the coastline in never-ending, throbbing slashes.

What remains when you believe you have become incapable of any feeling, what time forgets on your heart’s doorstep as is rushes along, is sheer, overpowering sadness.

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