Men and Women with children

We are a classic three-member family.

As in all classic families, our son leaves his toys scattered around the house, especially on the carped in the living-room.

At night, when he is asleep, we invariably step over one of his tiny cars, Lego parts, plastic animals, cartoon minifigures, trains or books. It’s the moment when a muttered or a well-articulated swearword can be heard across the room.

The difference between men and women becomes obvious, though, if one were to analyse the reaction after the cursing.

The mother: Shit. I broke the mirror on this little green car. Maybe I can fix it with some Super Glue. It should be dry and functional by morning.

The father: God damn this freaking pink pig! Stung my foot three times already. Figures it finally broke in two! Serves you right!!

..and as he is about to pass by the named victim, a female voice jumps in:

“You could at least pick it up and throw it away! It became a hazard now for our kid.”

I’m not saying that this is what happens in all families, but I’d bet more than a buck that it does happen in 90% of them !!

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