Testing out theories

I read somewhere that movement, exercise and physical effort stimulate cretaivity and imagination. So, I started running up and down the stairs, I took up jogging and I bought a bike. After slipping down the staircase and breaking my leg, getting bumped into by a skater in the park and being hit my a bus down a bicycle lane, I had plenty of time to lie around (at home and in hospital beds) and explore my newfound creativity. I realised I had lost the money paying for a bike I could no longer use and that exercise does indeed lead to a vivid, even wild, imagination stirring as there is nothing much you can do otherwise when you are tied to perfectly white bed sheets.

As my creativity levels increased, I started wondering if taking a few days off work (without the muscle strain and medical expenses I was then facing) wasn’t a far better idea, cheaper solution and much more pleasant passtime. However much it hurts, though, I cannot argue that creativity and imagination are well enhanced after serious, painful workouts.


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