Dream adaptations

I’ve dreamt about getting ready for a party and putting on my white leather watch. I woke up wondering whether I should look for my watch and wear it today. Not because I’m going to a party, not out of superstition but for the fun of it.

I looked for my watch while my husband was making an omelette and my son was going into and coming out of his brand-new Cozy Coupe. I smiled looking at it in astonishment. Whatever it was that came over me to make this silly choice, is beyond my power of comprehension. It seemed funny and not out of place, in a strange way. Pajamas and an elegant watch. They go together perfectly, right?

It was maybe a magic trick though. After having breakfast – which I almost never have – and chatting about some friends, some new changes we want to make around the house before the holidays… My husband turned on the radio, selected a station and asked me to dance. We danced and the child came to hug us, we laughed and jumped and danced some more, even though it was not our kind of music. We smiled and felt that it was a great Sunday morning, dancing in the room, around the car, in between toys and silent mobile phones.

Maybe all it takes to make things spring out of the ordinary is to wake up in a mood for anything, for everything.



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