You become a mother. Suddenly, all the concepts you were used to, develop different definitions.

What does it mean to dress up for a party?

To manage to leave the house without stains on your improperly ironed clothes.

What does it mean to do your hair?

To have succeeded in washing and combing your hair both during the same day.

What does it mean to go out for coffee?

To carry a periphernalia of toys and objects that you hope will keep the youngster busy long enough for you to order and pay for your coffee. Actually drinking it is never a certainty.

What does it mean to watch a news bulletin on TV?

To crouch on the carpet, set a car track set, play with plastic animal cars and listen in on the news when the kid manages to keep silent or not tug at your sleeve for 30 seconds. Actually glancing at the screen is never feasible.

What does it mean to have time for yourself?

To have an hour a day during luch nap when yoy cook, wash dishes, fill the washing machine, answer the calls missed during the morning, gather the food crumbs from around the house, clean the tables and the wipe color marks off furniture and floors, bite a couple of times from a sandwich you prepared out of your kid’s leftovers and get in the mood for another 6-7 more hours of fun and play.

What does it mean to celebrate your birthday?

To feel guilty for leaving your child at home with his parents and go enjoy a dinner date with your husband in a quiet restaurant in between phone calls giving instructions about how much coughing syrup to administer before bedtime or where the hidden chocolate bars are placed in the pantry.



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