Thoughts between creators of worlds and types

There is an a priori factor in all human activities, namely the inborn, preconscious and unconscious individual structure of the psyche. The preconscious psyche – for example, that of a new-born infant – is not an empty vessel into which, under favourable conditions, practically anything can be poured. On the contrary, it is a tremendously complicated, sharply defined individual entity which appears indeterminate to us only because we cannot see it directly.

C.G. Jung ~ Four Archetypes 

[ Princeton University Press, 2011, p. 11 ]

I started reading the new edition of this volume, enriched with a Foreword by the editor of The Red Book, Sonu Shamdasani, and after several initial pages, I feel the need to express an undeniable conclusion. It is my deep-rooted belief that Jung influenced Frank Herbert a great deal. This excerpt above seems to be the very foundation of the entire Bene Gesserit force, community, essence! It is a beautiful derivation of one of Jung’s most basic Ideas. It is .. wonderful and overwhelming to see the proof of a link with your very eyes. To seem to be rethinking that which has been previously thought. A gift from above, a moment’s revelation, a synapse, a connection, a smile and a sigh.

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