Love Anniversary

It’s your birthday soon.

What do you want? What present should I bring? What gift do you desire?

What should we do? Where shall we go? What do you want to eat? Who do you want to see?

What trip is there to be made? What’s at the very top of your list?

– scorpios, they always want the world. never modest. never shy.-

– being blunt with a scorpio is inspired tactics. give them what they want. –

– they will always tell you exactly what they need. when. how. maybe never why. –

I want to be with you. A day with you. Fingers linked, elbows touching, feet walking side by side.

To breathe the same air mollecule and to see the same ray of sunshine, that is all.

– scorpios. when they do not want the world, they want a human. entirely. selfishly. eternally. –


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