A brave heart is all you need

Jerry Fletcher: I love you.

Alice: Jerry, no, no, you don’t love me.

Jerry Fletcher: Sure I do.

Alice: No, no.

Jerry Fletcher: I don’t?

[ Conspiracy Theory ]

Sometimes, when enough people tell you something about yourself, you start wondering if it’s only you who’s got it all wrong. There’s a Romanian saying that goes ‘When two people tell you that you’re drunk, you shut up and go to sleep.’. Perhaps the same thing applies to other situation as well, right? When too many people tell you that you’re wrong, that you fail to see things the way they really are, where do you go from there?!

When you are told to apologise for a mistake you consider never to have made, when you are silenced by the over-ranking ones and told you must submit, what do you do? Bend your head and mutter to yourself that there will come a day when…….. I believe in standing up for yourself and for the truth. I’ve made no mistake. I’ve stuck to the rules. I’ve been fair. If someone says otherwise, than let’s talk evidence. People will lower their voices and find themselves at a loss when faced with ferm refusal. People in a higher position always expect submission. They are usually astonished when talked back or debated. As long as powerful, logical and testable arguments are brought, I belive in making your point and standing by your beliefs.

I hereby urge and encourage employees who find it difficult to stand up to their superiors to empower themselves by trusting their judgments, instincts and their credos. It’s not the truth that shall set you free. It’s respect for yourself that helps you look chin-up in the mirror. It’s a proper stance that keeps you rock-solid and dignified.



6 thoughts on “A brave heart is all you need

    • lionceau21 says:

      I’ve been there myself. It’s more important to stand by yourself than by ‘principles’ you do not believe in. A new job will be found. There are so many out there. But when you’re capable of looking everyone in the eyes, you’ll get a better job eventually. 😉

  1. My daughter gave me the compliment of a lifetime one day: she said “mom, I just want to be like you, strong and able to stand up for myself. You’re so strong.” That was my moment. I don’t always feel like I’m strong or that I stand up for myself, but that moment made me feel like superwoman. We have to remember that it isn’t just ourselves we have to be able to look at. We have to set an example for our children and others around us. This was a great post! Really great!
    Feel free to stop by at http://lovelytl33.blogspot.com/

    • lionceau21 says:

      True. If it’s to be a hero, the best hero to be is your kids’ hero!
      I’m hoping one day my son will see me fit as a positive example as well 😉
      ..and thanls for the compliment.
      *Will browse through, you can rest assured.

  2. I’m a mother and one important lesson I would pass on to other parents is ‘teach your children to stand up for themselves.’ And also to question things. It’s not something that is learned automatically and many adults still find trouble in this area – even more so when we feel something is on the line, like a job, or ridicule by peers or superiors (even parents).

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