I learnt from my son that whatever you do in life, you need bravery to go for first-time tries. In everything. He’s two years old (my son, i.e.) and he risks getting slapped every now and then when he goes for a new button on the sound system or when he pressed the key against the car door, but he can never be sure if he’ll get his wrist violently pulled away, mildly scolded or encouraged to proceed. This is why, taking his example, I decided to sign up for a blogging event, which I’ve never been part of before.

I’m sure it’ll be an exhillerating rollercoaster ride and I’ve promised myself I’d enjoy every single turn and dive.

The blog posting month procedure and details are explained in the article at this address: and it is precisely after reading this post that I made up my mind to pledge to writing a post on my personal blog every single day in November this year. I guess I was beckoned by a silent but powerful thought at the far recesses of my spirit, which I do not make a secret of: I consider November my month, as I was born on one of the days that form this time measurement convention we all refer to as “November”. So perhaps, it shall prove a good idea and a lucky decision.

As proof that I grabbed my badge already and that my mind is set, please see the image below:

NaBloPoMo_November_smallInspired posting to all those who have entered this same event ! May we have great dreams and relaxed minds to help us through the writing of every day.


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