Thoughts on friendship and acceptance

I couldn’t give a frack about Halloween.

It’s not one of my holidays, it’s never on my special days list.

This year however, I started thinking of a friend who lives abroad. For years now. We rarely speak now and she seldom has time to write back. Her messages are usually short and simply a paraphrase of `still alive but very busy`. I dislike the popularity that Halloween has achieved in Romania. As I was thinking of my friend however, I realised I’d have nothing against her celebrating this holiday over there where she transferred her entire life. I also realised I might enjoy going out in a costume myself if we were both together at a party overseas. I realised I just reject Romanian Halloween in Romania.

As my son received a unique gift when my friend was last at home, I decided to honour it today as it rightfully deserves, for it was brought with the most sincere cheerfulness and playfulness and I want to make sure she knows it was welcomed with the joy and bright heart she’d hoped.

Here’s to you, my friend, a Halloween setting for a costumed Winnie-the-Pooh who travelled many miles and currently resides in Șelimbăr, Romania:



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