You’ve got mail !

I’ve been waiting for a couple of letters that I knew had to arrive for almost two weeks now. I’ve been furious and desperate as the letters should have been in my mail box three weeks ago. I’ve been angry because I learnt that my usual postal delivery lady was on vacation and the replacement postman didn’t know his way around the village and was not distributing the correspondence properly (he wasn’t distributing it at all!!!!). I realised my letters might never reach me as he didn’t know the address and it would have been easier to lose them on the way instead of looking around for a three-house narrow renamed street. I had almost lost all hope and I told my friends to rewrite the letters if they wished..

I made one last attempt to trick all likely chances and last night, by the light of the full moon, I wiped clean the mail box on my fence, inside and outside, while talking to Hermes and asking him to perform some unknown ritual and retrieve my letters from wherever they had ended up. 

Today I opened my mail box prepared to be disappointed, as I had been for such a long time and… a bunch of coloured envelopes, with all sorts of handwriting and stamps dropped to my feet. My eyes grew bigger, as if they’d seen a kaleidoscope of butterflies in an instant. My lips spread in a smile towards my ears and my heart jumped with joy. There they were !! All the letters I had been waiting for, all the thoughts my friends had put on paper and a couple of surprise ones, which I had no idea were on their way.

My son picked them all up with his little fingers and ran to the house, where he waited, arms entended, to give them to me to be placed in a proper place. I took them in one swift movement and I cut open all the envelopes, I looked at the papers inside, I caressed the words before my eyes and I started reading everything according to a quickly established chronology.

Now I am trying to take back – this piece of writing is a catharsis attempt – all the malicious and unkind words I so far addressed to all post office workers in the world. I have had plenty of unfortunate experience with the postal services (not merely in Romania, but in Canada, Belgium, Ireland and Greece as well) so I don’t take my time to profess all sorts of swear words when I feel wronged in the slightest way possible. I now apologise for the two weeks of grudge and rancour.

It is true happiness to receive real letters, written by real and dear people in a real mail box!!


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