My kid tends to get a little destructive every now and then. Which I know is natural and not uncommon, but I still feel like smothering the incipient violent tendencies.

I noticed he was about to run his little books over with one of his cars and I jumped from my observer seat, I sat down on the floor and pulled his car back. I started explaining to him in a gentle voice about the importance of books, about the worlds they contain, how dear we should hold them in our souls and I heard myself ending my plea with .. BOOKS ARE SACRED, BABY. WE HAVE TO CHERISH THEM AND PROTECT THEM.

I realised afterwards that maybe.. I love books so much because they protect me, because they carry me from one universe to another, from one era and reality to another and perhaps I feel safe inside a story, even when it is a horror story, even when I do not feel at ease reading certain lines. But I feel safe. I feel charmed. I feel transported.


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