Fragment from a story I once wrote :)

      Well, this is certainly a miracle! If ever I have asked for one and thought it had never came, it was here in my house a couple of hours ago. And, by some coincidence it did not vanish into thin air. It took the shape of ink on paper.

      How could a stranger guess what was in my mind at present?! How could she, by simply watching my hand, sacrifice her secrets in order to give me a second chance? She has not convinced me with her argument. She knows nothing of my troubles, but what brought on the final decision were the considerations on the swords. Her concern for my physical pain seems childish if not ridiculous. But this has suggested to me that there is still a happy side to life if we can jest about death. She brought gaiety in a dry soul. If she was an angel she chose the right form in which to appear.

      She spoke of the hope deep inside me. I assume I know what she meant: I let myself be surprised by her apparition and therefore I can still find beauty in life. What keeps us alive is the ability to be surprised by the world around us. We grow old along with it but while it can still play tricks on us and amaze us, I believe we are on the right track.

      I will let the dust lie on those swords and I will burn the will. I will take life step by step and I will look at it as a child would. Let it astonish me if it will!

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